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If you are having style in your mind, change your eye colour as your classy outfits.  Complete your looks with different hairstyle makeup and of course with our gorgeous eye ware of your choice. For your comfort and fashion we have variety of lenses manufactured in Korea best in quality with name of Glmoureyez our very own British brand.  Our MPCH colour contact lenses formula gives your natural eye hydration and suppress any irritation lenses may cause.

  • Glamoureyez Lenses are composed with light weight soft material giving durability and comfort to your eyes. Water ingredient and soft texture of lenses keeps the comfort and wettability while you wearing.
  • Our MPC lenses are designed to enhance your natural eye colour which inhibits adsorption of protein and lipids and controls the eye irritation.

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Emerald Green (Tone 1)
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Evergreen (Tone 2)
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Marble Gray (Tone 2)
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Ocean Blue (Tone 2)