The 5 things to start your day with beauty forever makeup

Whether you are experienced or just a neophyte with cosmetics, all you need to start your day is some magical touch of bf cosmetics. Once you get to know about the makeup essentials and basics each and every day of your turns out to be an adventure by getting lost in the world of experimenting new looks on your face. Let take a look onto the 5 daily essentials to start your day.

Anti-Ageing Foundation Tube:

            Our BF Anti-aging foundation tube gives you the best natural and gleaming finish with its super feathery consistency which gives you the ideal look. Last in skin for a long time which helps you attain a levelled and silky skin with SPF fifteen protection.

Eyebrow Pencil: 

             BF eyebrow pencil offers your brows the ideal shape and makes it look so much natural. This eyebrow pencil has dual end that one end comes with the eyebrow pencil to define your brows and the other end comes with the brush to groom them. It’s available in 4 different shades.

Master Stroke Dip Eyeliner Black: 

               Our BF London Master Stroke dip eyeliner gives you a simply ideal look with astonishing super intensive black colour and is very easily applicable. The ultra-fine-tipped brush can be used facilely which also gives you great control and accurate strokes. Gives your eyes a daring look. Keep it in a very cool and dry place.


            Lash enhance mascara gives your lashes the fierce black look. Very easy to apply and comes out in a deep black colour in few coats. This has a fibre brush which makes your lashes look flawless.

Glossy lipstick:

              Glossy lipstick gives you the most vibrant colours. It comes in 36 beautiful shades. Gives you a shimmery look and does not have a sticky feel and keeps your lips super moisturized. I hope these tips get helpful to you someday. Start every day of yours with confidence and super good looks with the help of beauty forever products.


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