BF Beauty Forever Stick Foundation

What is a stick foundation?



Those who want a quick makeup routine or live on the go may want to consider a stick foundation. Its application is quick, requires no additional tools, and can function as both a foundation and concealer. Stick foundation is an easy way to cover up for medium to full coverage, and just a little goes a long way. 

A Foundation stick can be easily carried around as they are travel friendly. And some are pocket friendly too. A stick foundation is easy to handle and use it.  

 How to use a stick foundation?


Step 1: Find out what type of skin you have.  

Step 2: Choose a stick foundation shade that suits your skin tone the best.

Step 3: Cleanse your face before you begin.

Step 4: Moisturize your face and neck with a lightweight moisturizer. So that it gets easy to apply the foundation.

Step 5: The foundation should barely be visible on the edge of the tube after you have twisted it.

Step 6: Apply foundation with a brush. Firstly start from applying from your forehead then across the bridge of your nose later swipe it under both eyes and on your chin and cheeks

Step 7: Spread the foundation evenly with a clean brush or simply use a clean fingertip.   

Step 8: Dust on powder to set the foundation. Apply your other makeup. 

  Beauty forever London – Stick Foundation



BF Stick Foundation gives you a sleek & classy skin with a super coverage. BF Foundation stick creates natural look with great Coverage for soft and smooth skin. Our Stick foundation is the best option for oily, normal and dry skin.  

Our recently launched lipstick kind oil free Stick Concealer for oily skin which covers all your dark spots and glams up around your eyes, nose and where ever you wish to use it for a flawless finishing. This is one of the best stick foundation which comes in a lightweight packaging and easily blends with your skin. Our best foundation stick’s super cool formula gives your skin a smooth alluring look.

Our stick foundation exclusively comes in 12 different shades. Grab the shade that perfectly blends with your skin soon  

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