Makeup Essentials For Beginners in the UK

Let us help you dip your Brand-new brushes in a wide range of exciting colors. The Sea of makeup is so deep so you have to begin with the basic steps to know about this field. We are experts who belong to this field for so long. now let us begin with the face makeup. As compared to an artist he applies the primer to have a clean start you are also supposed to start with a foundation to avoid the cake look at the end.

Smoothly apply it on your skin with the beauty sponge which helps you to apply a perfect amount of foundation to your complexion. Then comes the concealer that is a must-have in your makeup bag to give a Photoshop look. Get a concealer with the hydrating capacity to soften your skin and keep then hydrated.

Face Essentials Makeup Products:

  1. BF Beauty Forever 7 Piece Professional Brush Set – £9.99
  2. BF Beauty Forever Anti Ageing Tube Foundation – £2.99
  3. BF Beauty Forever Blush On – £2.99
  4. BF Beauty Forever Classic Concealer – £3.99
  5. BF Beauty Forever Classic Creme to Powder – £5.99
  6. BF Beauty Forever Classic Pressed Powder – £3.99
  7. BF Beauty Forever Concealer – £3.99
  8. BF Beauty Forever Contouring Kit – £2.99
  9. BF Beauty Forever Satin Liquid Foundation – £5.99
  10. BF Classic Mineral Loose Powder – £2.99
  11. BF classic stick Foundation – £5.99

Eyes Essentials Makeup Products:

  1. Beauty Forever Master Kajal – Black – £1.99
  3. BF Beauty Forever 18’s Pallete Eyeshadows – £2.99
  4. BF Beauty Forever 35’s Pallet Eyeshadow – £5.99
  5. BF Beauty Forever Brow Definer – £2.99
  6. BF Beauty Forever Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara – £1.99
  7. BF Beauty Forever Eyebrow Pencil – £1.49
  8. BF Beauty Forever Mascara – £2.99
  9. BF Beauty Forever Lip and Eye Pencil – £1.99
  10. BF Beauty Forever Liquid Dip Eyeliner – £2.49
  11. BF Beauty Forever Master Stroke Pro Eyeliner – £1.99
  12. BF Beauty Forever Twist up Lip and Eye Pencil – £1.49
  13. BF Gel Eyeliner Define + Smudge (2 Brushes in 1) – £1.99

Lips Essentials Makeup Products:

  1. Beautyforever Classic Lipstick – £1.99
  2. BF Beauty Forever Clear Moisturizing Lip Gel – £1.99
  3. BF Beauty Forever Glossy Lipstick – £2.99
  4. BF Beauty Forever Lip and Eye Pencil
  5. BF Beauty Forever Lip Care Gel – £1.99
  6. BF Beauty Forever Madly Matte Lip Gloss – £1.49
  7. BF Beauty Forever Twist up Lip and Eye Pencil – £1.49
  8. BF Fruity Lip Gloss – £2.48

Nails Essentials Makeup Products:

  1. BF Beauty Forever Professional Lacquer – £1.99
  2. BF Glamour Nail Polish – £1.49

Hair Touch Essentials Makeup Products:

  1. BF Beauty Forever Hair Mascara – £2.99
  2. BF Grey Touch up Stick – £2.49

Then comes the bronze to add an essential touch oh your face. Is the Eye makeup includes the combination of Eyeliner, mascara, Eye shadow Palette which consists of Eye shadow brush, smudge brush and blending brush Then for the brows comes the Brow pencil  Eyes mostly give the best part of your face with the dramatic eye makeup  The lips need the bold lip color for the perfect complete for your face? So shop with us now to get your makeup pouch filled.

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