Makeup is a wide deep ocean. you have a numerous collection and amazingly uncountable products to explore in. We BF cosmetics are here for providing you with a few great tips that are tried and practiced by the experts in this field. so are you ready for the new and easy makeup tips? here we go.

When basically you begin your makeup, wash your face. First, you have to cleanse the face with a good cleanser after getting your face cleaned up.

You have to exfoliate it with a good explicator and then later add a good nourishing mask. Now your face is ready and fresh to have a great start-up. Whenever you start your makeup, start it with a fresh face.

Always just begin with the fresh and fine skin. When you begin for the makeup before concentrating or beginning on any area of the face you specifically do your eye makeup first and then you can follow with the other parts of your face.

Apply an eye primer over your sensitive eye area then you have to apply the eyeshadows as per your choice.

Blend it well with the brushes you prefer that could feel it set to your eyes.

Then you follow by applying the eyeliner and kajal. If you are a beginner or even today the experts have a problem in applying the liner in a steady line so here, we have a hack for it.

They you can apply dotted lines as per your requirement and then you have to join the lines to get perfect eyeliner.

Then you apply black or brown gel-pencil liner it would initially power up your eye making it look beautiful and amazing featured makeup. For intensively thick volumes mascara you have to first curl on your eyelashes and then you apply the mascara on them then you can have another layer of eyelash over mascara and again you have to apply the volume mascara, it will boost the look of your eyes reflecting a dreamy makeover.

The makeup goes fully over the eyes and then over the face. if your eye makeup is perfect then rather nothing is going to be expressed more than your creamy dreamy eye look.

When you do your eyebrows do the strokes over it rather than coloring them. This will make your eyebrows look more natural and vibrant.

When you do your make up you better go for the glow and the brightness you can give. your main intention must be the glow and brightness not the coverage of the damaged area.

While doing the makeup you have to use the right equipment for the right blend of the products on your skin so that it does not give an unclear or unfinished look.

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