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Grey Touch up Stick


BF Grey Touch up Stick

Best hair craves are today desire! So choose the best-updated product for your hair from our Beauty Forever. We guarantee to bolster you by giving our best. Hair being an alluring charm for any individual we aim to protect your charm and make you feel special. Our hair products have the very finest ingredients that have the capacity to take care of your valuable hair. The hair cosmetics make your hair look the best at its possible. It removes the grease at your hair and makes them shine with the best layer of protection for your hair. Beauty forever gives the best deals that have their quality and perfect quantity.Available in 4 colours.

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Grey Touch up Stick

BF Grey Touch up Stick

It gets blended with your hair colour with no water required. This Gray touch up stick prolongs periods between hair colouring. Direct and easy application to the hair area you wish to touch up. Just wash with normal shampoo to remove it.

Available in 4 colours.

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